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Hair Twister by LeeHarwell

Overall, i like this picture. The way the lady is posed is one used often (at least of photos I have seen), but i love her facial expression. It begs you to continue looking, but it natural enough to be pleasing to the eye and not seem posed. I like that she is doing something simple, (twirling her hair around her fingers) although, the one thing that distracted me was that the lock of hair in her left hand was going across her face. If the lock of hair in her left hand had been in her right, and a lock of hair on the other side of her part in the left hand, I think it would be a bit more even, visually. Disregarding that, it is a wonderful picture. It draws you in and keeps you there. It has almost a painted quality to it. Great job!! Keep doing what you are doing.
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LeeHarwell Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
A most informative critique. Thank you!
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